Your Dream job is in International Sports? Pro Tip Alert!

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Want to work in International Sport?

Here is a Pro Traveler Tip to help you get those visas you need for International jobs


This Pro Travel Tip will help you work in international sports;
People who travel and work internationally
apply for a 2nd Passport in their home country.
Having a second passport is what business people, athletes, and staff who work internationally in sport do.

It’s super helpful to have two passports if you live somewhere or do something involving travel to places requiring a visa.

We have lots of real-life experience of challenges while getting visas for athletes and staff to go to China for the end of season bike races when consulates required the passports for weeks to get the visas, and unless you have

European ID Card, which allows travel
2nd Passport

You can have lots of problems with your schedule or end up not going to the race in China or wherever you needed the visa.

It takes some time to get a second one, and you probably have to send your current one anyway, so it’s better to do this in the “off-season” of your work or competition if you are an athlete.

Visa applications frequently require the applicant to provide:-

  • invitation letter
  • accommodation addresses
  • return travel ticket

with applications often submitted within two months pre-departure date.

Travellers who have two passports or a European ID Card certainly have a much easier time getting them.

REMEMBER.. don’t let passports expire.  Most countries require 3 or 6 months of passport validity past your intended departure from the country to grant a visa. So always get them renewed before six months of their expiration.

ProTouchStaff, it’s built-in to show two passports and work visas if you have them.  Plus can remind you of expiry dates allowing you to renew them in time.

Demonstrating how serious and well prepared to travel for work you are.


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