Rare Opportunities do happen.. Hiring a Pro Cycling Team Chef for the 2020 Season

Oct 26, 2021 | Hiring, Latest News - ProTouchStaff

Wanted: Cycling Team Chef!

Rare Opportunities do happen! Check this out! 


Wanted: Cycling Team Chef!

We are excited to be recruiting for a ProCycling Team Chef for the 2022 Season.

Only the elite level of Pro Cycling Teams have team chefs to cook for their athletes.

So the chance to join their ranks and join a team does not happen often.

We are excited to have a job vacancy for a Cycling Team Chef for the 2022 Season on our ProTouchStaff App

We are passionate about sports staffing and sports teams, and we are confident in finding a great chef to work in ProCycling as a Team Chef in 2022!

Cycling chef’s work with team nutritionists and performance coaches to provide meals with the correct balance of nutritional requirements based on specific athletes, race routes, climate and seasonal availability.  The job not only involves cooking mountains of the highest quality food for performance.

A Pro Cycling Team Chef is also a significant contributor to the psychological wellbeing of the athletes, as tasty and enjoyable food does not only help the riders consume the vast amount of calories they need, it also makes them happy.  Great flavours and varied menu’s, combined with a chef who loves his work, results in happy athletes with good morale and ready for the challenges they face in the race.

Being a team chef involves considerable travel away from home (140 Days) and is hard work; the right candidate enjoys travel and life on the road.

But don’t worry, while it is hard work, it’s also gratifying and fun!

Are you the chef who is seeking this rare Opportunity?

If so, the full details are available on the ProTouchStaff App.
Check it out and apply now.

This sports job won’t be available for long!

IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/protouch-staff/id1518165390

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.protouchstaff

Hiring Now Pro Cycling Team Chef

Sharing a rare opportunity for a professional chef to work in the world of Professional Cycling




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